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Touch-Free Pickup + Curbside Service — Reimagined!


Why use

Co-founded by an owner of an independent restaurant, we know the challenges of transitioning to a curbside business model. We created PickUpFixe to make it easy for customers to place orders — and for restaurants to fulfill them.

Touch-Free Curbside Service

PickUpFixe was developed to make curbside restaurant service easy and touch-free. Order in advance and schedule your pickup time!
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Support Local Restaurants

The restaurant industry has been suddenly and drastically impacted by COVID-19. PickUpFixe was custom built for these times — tell us which restaurants you love via

Easy to Use

Simply bust out your smart phone, select items from your favorite restaurant's menu, and check out. It’s that easy!

Pick-Up Time Management

Restaurants love our pick-up time management tools, making it easy to serve customers, utilizing limited staff.

Touch-Free Curbside Service

The entire transaction is processed online (tip included). No unnecessary contact required.

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